Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Internet Revolution
By: Vadim Struzman

Decisions we are making today will determine where we are going to be tomorrow!

If somebody told you the internet is fully developed, you are too late, you've missed the bus!
Do not argue with these people but never listen to them any more. I mean at all!
They have given you misinformation or they do not know what they are talking about. This is even more dangerous.
The Internet or how it is called these days World Wide Web (WWW for short) was born in 1989 at CERN (Centre for European de Recherche Nucleare) in Europe. In Geneva, Switzerland to be exact.
At the beginning, Tim Berners-Lee and his team developed the tool they needed to exchange information between scientists around the world.

In August 1991, it was announced to the public, the availability of files for sharing on the computer network at CERN. It was the first web server as we know it today. By the end of 1992, it had grown to 50 web servers around the world, mostly at Universities or research centres.

By the middle of 1999, there were more than 700,000 web servers and 2001 saw the growth to nearly 25 million servers.
Mark Andreesen and his team in 1993, released the newly developed Graphical User Interface.

The journey of 1000 miles starts with the first step!

People with no knowledge of the computer could now just point and click!

The new horizons..
With the help of Jim Clark, March 1994 saw the birth of Netscape Communication Corporation and the internet revolution began.
From an economic point of view for the world, it was like the first railroad in 1828 for America. New businesses mushroomed all over the world.

People of all ages, but especially the baby boomers of the 50's had been brought up on the idea that a person could and would (by statistics) chage their jobs 3-5 times during their lifetime on average. They would choose a profession and devote all their life to it. Of course, there is always exceptions to this rule.
It is more and more obvious that new generations today will also change professions 3-5 times during their lifetime.

Take a look......
Let us take a little time to look over some professions.
Take the carburetor mechanics and vinyl record specialists.
Yes, as the industry became obsolete, they lost their jobs but most of them learnt a new profession - electronic fuel injector specialists and compact disc (CD) specialists.
The balance of these people went to total career changes or retired.
We live in a very fast moving world and the internet is a real and necessary part of it.
Every one of us make hundreds of decisions each day. The decisions we make today may not necessarily determine our future, but it will of our children! It can't be more clearer than that!
We live in a world of decisions.
To learn the internet is one of the most important decisions you have to make.
Changes are happening all around us, every day.
Have a look around you, in your home. Let's go to the TV room. No more televisions with a rotary channel selector - they are a computer themselves! The video player? Every time you want to record a program or program in a channel - we call the kids!!!
DVD's players and recorders? They are so technical, even the young ones need some help! But not for long!

I can only tell you that all the answers for your needs are on the internet.

This is what this article is all about. Instead of learning at a snail pace ( little bit here and there) - you can go straight to the internet.
It is not so hard!
Remember mobile phones? We were very scared of those at first and now look at them, even the most destitute person on the street - has a mobile phone!

Surprise yourself, start to learn the internet today!

It Was Soooooo Simple